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After a while I decided to remove the feeder sites from GLOVM.COM to rely on Search Engine traffic alone. Later in this GLOVM.COM project I will add the feeder sites again and add selfwritten traffic management software to make a traffic generating network. Earlier in time this has proven to be the best source of revenue a webmaster can come without sacrificing content on the mainpage and deliberately send users to link farms and other bad sites a webmaster would use for whatever reasons they can find. From earlier experience I learned that sending traffic (website users) in circles has proven to be the best method to achieving high signup ratios. Right now I fight with 1:250 but with the right software this will go further down and hopefully end on around 1:10 - 1:30. The method consists of a traffic network, traffic management software and some private settings along with it all to make users have the best experience without draining too much energy from them. I call it a "Circle Jerk" network (in short terms a "CJ" network). Having like 20 sites with all links pointed through the traffic management software (outgoing links all go through out.php) like and making a sales page on every network site with links, advertisement, some content (70% outgoing blind links / 30% real content) will make the traffic flow from the entire CJ network sites onto other network sites for in the end than end on GLOVM.COM as the main sales page with only unique content aswell as good written articles and images. This squeezes the maximum % of signups out of the users because; first they get tired of being jerked around in the network for in the end to find a real site with minimum advertisement, unique content and no blind links not leading to just another website of blind links and advertisement which makes a user comfortable and get more trust towards the site they currently visit.

Just for the heck of it I have taken a screenshot of my statistics to present to you, so you can see how much traffic a 'no inbound links', 'no feeder traffic' and only 'single site with depth' can generate. Here you go:

Sunday, 22 September 2019 05:18

Freedom fighter.. Well! Got some more infos!

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Ok, so I did alot of setups and now I'm pretty much looking like a question-sign myself. Apparently there's no solutions that can handle the necessary requests without mocking up at some point. The next hosting solution I will try will be Windows Server as Linux seems like it's not working as I want it to work. Either the mainsite is showing the wrong pages or else it's the subfeeders that are showing something that they are not supposed to show. I've come to a conclusion that the systems are not ready to run such a solution on one single server. I could divide all sites up on seperate hosting accounts at the hosting company but on the other hand, this would only be a good selling option for the hosting company which I don't really want as I already purchased a topnotch dedicated server which should by far be capable of handling the necessary requests. I need to checkup on some different things, but I'm pretty sure I've tried all setups possible with ISPConfig3 and it seems to fail to deliver my requirements :-( only other explanation is that the internet has it's own life afterall (IAI). After presenting the relative-contrary theory things have been working in a kind of mysterious way ;-)

I hope your more lucky with your networks. And as I type now many more websites are being published every minute. Not that I don't care, and it would be nice to leave a fingerprint myself even though the technical issues takes the punch out of it all. Oh well. Going to see what happends when I try Windows Server or another flavour of Unix pointing at FreeBSD or Arch.

Update: Works as intented now! You're free to go look at and now and click around ;-) Still on ISPConfig3.

Some music:

Tuesday, 03 September 2019 23:48

To Whom It Might Concern

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Humans = Time = Horisont

First off, time for humans is limited or maybe not. If I should give my visions some value and mention it for everyone I could tell you something that for sure is a waste of time which is war. Everyone who has experienced war would tell you that it has been a hard and rough experience for the ones who participated. Some might even got killed. If humans would be more polite and giving instead of being possesive we would probably have a greater society for everyone. The western world including eastern countries and around the world all are telling you that humans are peacefull and giving, friendly, social and as families. But over time humans have proved that this is wrong. There's war that kills people in many places including terrorists that don't obey the laws setup by their government. They seek freedom for themselves by taking our time, our friends and family members by spreading their terror among peaceful people to create dispair within our societies.

It would be better if people would mind their own business and stop spreading negative vibes on everyone who think different than themselves. Tolerance.

Instead people should seek what makes them happy, positive and giving being friendly towards eachother which in every event would be a positive experience for everyone involved.
You don't laugh over someone telling "I just blew my neighbours house up because I hated them".

Wouldn't it be more pleasant to give your kids a good day or your wife, drive a roadtrip or simply go to work to mind your own time building up your own life? Combining knowledge and experience, meeting friends, to build a better society for everyone. Only question that springs to mind could be if the boss is only doing it for the money involved or if they are doing it for a brighter day for their workers and for their local society. Though the thing about money could easily be solved by Amount Level Control which would bring all to equal and give everyone a fresh start to bring their wishes to reality. We would live in a society that only needs workers for the greater good. The bright side of life.

If not in reality it could be a good theme for a game.

Black Holes, Relative-Contrary, suggestions?

Question about black holes and what they appear to be and what they in reality are is a good question.
My theory goes as saying that Black Holes are all ground materials, chemical compositions combined in one clutter floating in space eating up what we know as galaxies, planets, stars matter and so on. The spin and movement comes from gravity. Dark Matter could be left-overs from collitions, star gas. With a space/time/movement "skew fase". If you take all materials and hide or reverse them, the universe is reverse the earth expanding hence the vacuum etc. in space. If the sun doesn't explode why should a "timebomb" explode up in space if we are infinite, a logical explanation. A form of Embedded security.


Saturday, 25 May 2019 10:31


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I've upgraded the software a bit on and am now using the fastest settings available to my knowledge. The site is more responsive and reacts almost instantly when you click around on the clips and functions.
Took a screenshot and these are the settings:

Wednesday, 01 May 2019 05:38

Relative-Contrary Theory (Black holes)

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From what I've experienced so far in live and life I believe that all people get bored if they are talking about the same themes all the time - so this post goes to new knowledge that I've discovered personally by interacting with my mind on a deeper level than current philosophy explains so far. I hope you will like your new friend and that black holes don't invade the earth ;-)

Kg = Mass
Time = distance (not explained)
Frequency = Hz

Saturday, 02 March 2019 15:12

Dedicated Server purchased

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Finally got myself pulled together to purchase a Dedicated Server. I've had a few over the time and as time flies by they become cheaper.
I remember when hosting was the biggest bill when running websites. This seems history. It's probably still a big bill to pay for some - but with dropping prices future seems bright :-)
I choose an SP-32 Server - Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 - 32GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz - SoftRaid 2x2TB from OVH. It has a 1Gbps internet connection (500Mbps upload limit) and is attached to a 13Tbps network. It's located in London (UK).
It should be sufficient to run what I need. All necessary packages have been installed (libavcodec56, ffmpeg, gpac, flvtool2). I choose to have ISPconfig (Debian 8) installed which makes it easier to manage all domains from one web interface.