After a while I decided to remove the feeder sites from GLOVM.COM to rely on Search Engine traffic alone. Later in this GLOVM.COM project I will add the feeder sites again and add selfwritten traffic management software to make a traffic generating network. Earlier in time this has proven to be the best source of revenue a webmaster can come without sacrificing content on the mainpage and deliberately send users to link farms and other bad sites a webmaster would use for whatever reasons they can find. From earlier experience I learned that sending traffic (website users) in circles has proven to be the best method to achieving high signup ratios. Right now I fight with 1:250 but with the right software this will go further down and hopefully end on around 1:10 - 1:30. The method consists of a traffic network, traffic management software and some private settings along with it all to make users have the best experience without draining too much energy from them. I call it a "Circle Jerk" network (in short terms a "CJ" network). Having like 20 sites with all links pointed through the traffic management software (outgoing links all go through out.php) like and making a sales page on every network site with links, advertisement, some content (70% outgoing blind links / 30% real content) will make the traffic flow from the entire CJ network sites onto other network sites for in the end than end on GLOVM.COM as the main sales page with only unique content aswell as good written articles and images. This squeezes the maximum % of signups out of the users because; first they get tired of being jerked around in the network for in the end to find a real site with minimum advertisement, unique content and no blind links not leading to just another website of blind links and advertisement which makes a user comfortable and get more trust towards the site they currently visit.

Just for the heck of it I have taken a screenshot of my statistics to present to you, so you can see how much traffic a 'no inbound links', 'no feeder traffic' and only 'single site with depth' can generate. Here you go:

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I've had a real technical challenge lately and it seems to work out for the better good. First I lost all data (huge bummer!), means CMS, streams, design, components, plugins, configurations of all settings etc. I tried installing nginx as it's slightly faster than Apache2 but somehow I managed to mess the whole system by locking it in the end till the system had to be re-installed because I threw the towel at the end. Simply had too little space to take a backup and transfer it via mobile data to my PC. Tried being nice to my wallet (mobiledata is expensive) and the phone ISP who would also have had to pay for my traffic. So I will have to create a whole new website on but I think it will be to the better good as I found an old friend, Smart Scripts. They've helped me build my sites before and they are stepping in again to supply me with a really cool tubesite script called Smart Tube PRO. Back in the days when my sites back then had traffic and produced signups as candysticks in a candy store (1:1000, PPS+Revshare) - it was also powered by Smart Scripts, nginx+apache and MySQL though with the difference it was pictures linking to user submitted flash clip and movie galleries (even before YouTube and Vimeo existed) also selling advertising spots per customers who liked heavy traffic. This website type is called MGP (Movie Gallery Post). YouTube jumped into a trend I guess, just said "Keep it up!" - neat, reflecting time like that :-)

It takes time to build a castle, some are faster than me though, but my luck is that I'm really patient and to some it might look as hard work all these sites - might be (at least you need focus), but I do enjoy it at the same time. For every step taken I also learn the requirements process in the occasion something is lost; training PHP, Server Configurations, CSS, HTML, english skills (syntax of words, abbrevations and also the meaning in order to create better articles), - pretty cool skills that I like having high level because they do help if someone else steps into trouble and they don't know how to continue. I enjoy helping people if I'm not caught up myself.

Finally got my domain working again with a template specially self-made for the domain and purpose, I think it looks pretty sharp and dandy. So if you're searching for clips/videos/movies I have combined the SE to search multiple sites at once and show results tabbed which makes it easier for people to find what they need - it even show a sample image on the left. If you have any suggestion(s) as to which sites should be included in the bot, you are welcome to leave a comment with your suggestion(s) and I will add them asap. In the end it will become a more complete Search Engine and you will get free traffic towards your suggested site if people find a matching result on it.

What's up now!?

GLOVM.COM had an complete overhaul and it had a new theme installed. Looks really awesome and with a complete new system; nginx, ISPConfig3, MySQL running on tweaked ubuntu 19.04 *Disco Dingo* it looks like the whole mess with re-installing the whole system doesn't really matter. Keeping positive! My network of sites guiding visitors into my solutions is also running, 30+ top-level domains sending C->B->A and A->B. Just need to have the IP's setup correctly to make it work more structured and for better SEO ranking.

If you're wondering? Statistics

If you're thinking about how many visitors come to this site each day on these are the current statistics taken directly from
I guess it's actually pretty good thinking about what topics I've managed to cover up until now and the lack of really good articles. GLOVM.COM achieved Google PageRank 3 and have a Google PageRank 2. Still building :-)

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Saturday, 02 March 2019 11:51

More statistics from GLOVM.COM

It seems my site is catching up some traffic from the Search Engines. Here are the new numbers from Cloudflare and Urchin 6.


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Thursday, 28 February 2019 09:23

Plugins for WordPress

Everyone likes plugins. Some of them add really nice features. I collected a few plugins over time. I packed a few and made a plugins pack for you if you are interested in websites yourself. Try to download the file and see if there's something for you in the zip container.

Download here! 65 plugins (54.97 MB) for WordPress. Remember to update them once installed.

VirusTotal reported 0 virus.

You can find more plugins here.

If you are more into themes, you can try to browse this ressource.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2019 22:33

Working on a small project

I've been working on a small project to learn more about how to tweak a site into receiving as much organic website traffic from Search Engines as possible.
The website address is . It features thousands of reviews/profiles from various providers within the adult webcam industry.

At first I thought it would be a good idea to buy some hosting. I found a hosting provider who had some nice packages to choose from and they are not all too expensive, it even comes with CDN (Content Delivery Network) which means they will port content out to satellite servers closer to the visitors reducing load times for visitors. The whole setup was purchased for around 175Euro and lasts 1 year. However I did extend the time with one year extra means it will not die off before 2021.
I installed Wordpress 1-click which basically means that it updates Wordpress automatically without needing me to interfer. I gathered a few plugins and a theme that works perfectly with the content the site is distributing. After a few days I noticed traffic coming in. There haven't been many sales yet and I will tweak the site more into a salespitch rather than just serving as a ressource.

Right now the website receives 3.8K visitors per day on average. I do hope this will get better with time - all traffic now is type-ins and organic Search Engine traffic coming from Yandex, Google, Bing and Baidu, etc.

In a not so far future from now, I'm going to purchase a Dedicated server with a handfull of IP's as this is a must since shared hosting accounts tend to fail with this type of website. This also enables me to do a bit more SEO work on the side resulting in more visitors to the website. It will also help on loading times. Here you can see a graph from my Urchin 6 log stats :)

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