Thursday, 14 March 2019 03:00

Quit DNS move on

Settled for a final solution. Instead of having to host the DNS myself, I'm going to use Namecheap´s DNS setup and get the traffic flow that way around. It also is more easy on the server and features DDoS attack protection aswell.  A record for is @ 51.77.1XX.2XX, CNAME and a mail IP ( It should be sufficient to keep everything running for that site. All the feeders are still running and more has been added. Did some traffic flow interventions as well on existing sites to conform with the new site as a new member of the family. Redirecting 404 traffic to now as well from some sites. Funny thing is that when mingling with the DNS it sometimes makes a burp and throws in another site of mine, as if it´s all floating in the air working together with references. Kind of funny. Cache maybe? Also discovered it with emails that if an email is catched from a site that does not have email setup, it forwards the email to the known owners primary email address. Crrrazy place this internet ;-) Oh well.. final music before bedtime:

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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 20:37

DNS Server and Dedicated ISPConfig3 setup

DNS server was installed and I had all domains put into the zone files. Seems there is a bug with ISPConfig3 and the bind9 DNS server which is being used together with ISPConfig3. Here's a small fix on how to get the DNS server running at all times. Please follow this link: . If you're asking yourself where I get all my domains from, I can recommend Namecheap. They have all .tld extensions at fair price and has been working for me the past 12 years as registrar for all my international domains. A good idea is  to enable two-factor authentication to make it harder for intruders to get their hands on your domains. The SMS arrives instantly. It would be a sad day if one day all my domains were gone alltogether ;-) They also provide you with free DNS servers together with your domain all neat setup in an easy to use web interface. Works pretty well out-of-the-box and they´re not penalized by Google or any other Search Engines around if you´re asking yourself that question. Sometimes it is even more simple just to use their services if it´s an add-on domain for a splash page.

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