Sunday, 22 September 2019 05:18

Freedom fighter.. Well! Got some more infos!

Ok, so I did alot of setups and now I'm pretty much looking like a question-sign myself. Apparently there's no solutions that can handle the necessary requests without mocking up at some point. The next hosting solution I will try will be Windows Server as Linux seems like it's not working as I want it to work. Either the mainsite is showing the wrong pages or else it's the subfeeders that are showing something that they are not supposed to show. I've come to a conclusion that the systems are not ready to run such a solution on one single server. I could divide all sites up on seperate hosting accounts at the hosting company but on the other hand, this would only be a good selling option for the hosting company which I don't really want as I already purchased a topnotch dedicated server which should by far be capable of handling the necessary requests. I need to checkup on some different things, but I'm pretty sure I've tried all setups possible with ISPConfig3 and it seems to fail to deliver my requirements :-( only other explanation is that the internet has it's own life afterall (AI). After presenting the relative-contrary theory things have been working in a kind of mysterious way ;-)

I hope your more lucky with your networks. And as I type now many more websites are being published every minute. Not that I don't care, and it would be nice to leave a fingerprint myself even though the technical issues takes the punch out of it all. Oh well. Going to see what happends when I try Windows Server or another flavour of Unix pointing at FreeBSD or Arch.

Update: Works as intented now! You're free to go look at and now and click around ;-) Still on ISPConfig3.

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