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To Whom It Might Concern

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Humans = Time = Horisont

First off, time for humans is limited or maybe not. If I should give my visions some value and mention it for everyone I could tell you something that for sure is a waste of time which is war. Everyone who has experienced war would tell you that it has been a hard and rough experience for the ones who participated. Some might even got killed. If humans would be more polite and giving instead of being possesive we would probably have a greater society for everyone. The western world including eastern countries and around the world all are telling you that humans are peacefull and giving, friendly, social and as families. But over time humans have proved that this is wrong. There's war that kills people in many places including terrorists that don't obey the laws setup by their government. They seek freedom for themselves by taking our time, our friends and family members by spreading their terror among peaceful people to create dispair within our societies.

It would be better if people would mind their own business and stop spreading negative vibes on everyone who think different than themselves. Tolerance.

Instead people should seek what makes them happy, positive and giving being friendly towards eachother which in every event would be a positive experience for everyone involved.
You don't laugh over someone telling "I just blew my neighbours house up because I hated them".

Wouldn't it be more pleasant to give your kids a good day or your wife, drive a roadtrip or simply go to work to mind your own time building up your own life? Combining knowledge and experience, meeting friends, to build a better society for everyone. Only question that springs to mind could be if the boss is only doing it for the money involved or if they are doing it for a brighter day for their workers and for their local society. Though the thing about money could easily be solved by Amount Level Control which would bring all to equal and give everyone a fresh start to bring their wishes to reality. We would live in a society that only needs workers for the greater good. The bright side of life.

If not in reality it could be a good theme for a game.

Black Holes, Relative-Contrary, suggestions?

Question about black holes and what they appear to be and what they in reality are is a good question.
My theory goes as saying that Black Holes are all ground materials, chemical compositions combined in one clutter floating in space eating up what we know as galaxies, planets, stars matter and so on. The spin and movement comes from gravity. Dark Matter could be left-overs from collitions, star gas. With a space/time/movement "skew fase". If you take all materials and hide or reverse them, the universe is reverse the earth expanding hence the vacuum etc. in space. If the sun doesn't explode why should a "timebomb" explode up in space if we are infinite, a logical explanation. A form of Embedded security.


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