Lost some writing on the blog

During the past few weeks I've been stalked by a few "hackers". They seem to like using my webspace as their showroom for their entertainment. Either I got it all wrong and they are trying to present some tools for me to use in my coming endevour about creating a scheme on how normal people could make money on the internet but on the other hand - why should they try to bring me gifts since I probably don't know them anyway. Could be fun though.

Silent night

Just an everyday story of what happends when I get online. Most days go with some work I need to do for myself to find an optimal system that makes every person able to earn money online and some other days go with music and gaming with friends. Read more about it in the article.

#1000 members and counting... Great! :-)

Happy day for Adepca! 1000 visitors decided to create an account on www.adepca.com which shows great support for the content on this website. Traffic is coming in at a higher pace and users seem to be happy with the offers they get presented from ads which is awesome. I've taken some time to register and put in some more websites to generally lighten up the network a bit and for strengthening the current linking structure.


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