Bitcoin mining and Antivirus software

Private Bitcoin mining has long gone and the price to enter with your own gear is far too expensive for a private “player” to enter with. Though you can rent your equipment at for small money and mine it still costs money. Even so, I think the opportunity should be forehand as educational purpose and the problem arise now with Antivirus software because they tag the mining software as a bug / virus on your computer system. This has been a huge problem almost all of the life of Bitcoins and cryptocurrency. I think it’s time for the Antivirus programmers to step up and stop showing their flags all the time just because Mr. Jacobsen wants to mine some cryptocurrency. The problem is that the mining software is built to *FOLD* which is a typical way to mine ie. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency. FOLDING is not a virus, its a way of life, a way to build a network of either peers or people alike, only in an organism (like a human body) Cancer can also fold into infinity making a Cancer clutter you can die from (bad cells) if they are many. Not trying to spread hysteria since, by the way; all living people have Cancer to some extend, most are living a normal life where they don’t get exposed to its most times destructive behaviour but some unfortunately unlucky people have to deal with it as a sickness which takes control over parts of their body, draining energy out of every surrounding areas. If it’s in the wrong place of your body it can produce blood cluts (dense blood) which travel through a body and if it ends inside the heart or anywhere else, most know what can happend from this, dense blood destroys a body slowly. But*Hello* a computer is not an organism like a body, it’s still a computer – a digital calculator that’s grown a bit since frames were invented! Cheer up! :)

If you are interested in trying to mine some cryptocurrency I can recommend NiceHash to rent mining rigs in combination with SlushPool as mining pool. Use the NiceHash marketplace to find cheap mining rig rental offers.

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