Clima change and some possible solutions

Personally I think the clima is one thing humans can not control, at least not yet. If we get as far as controlling the weather we could have rain in the Sahara desert and more flowers on the tables. Less tornados, less fires and less people departing.

A few solutions to have mentioned a few options:

  1. Particle filters.
    Particle filters on all chimneys, industrial and private – cars, transports, ships and airplanes. Adjust prices on airplanes and other transports accordingly to not miss out on earlier avance.
  2. Flood water on vulcans.
    Flood water on vulcans by flooding them to make a layer on top that it doesn’t release as much CO2 / gas (they are mostly all near the sea anyway). Will be hard to achieve since the amount of water being flooded with probably is going to be eated up by heat (becomes steam instead than materializing). A slow process taking small amounts at a time could be possible though. Produce power this way? Steam turbines. Grab plastic from the oceans and melt into pipes for the purpose of transporting steam. If done with care they might even blow a hole and build an island with vulcanic lava.
  3. Eat more salad.
    Eat more salad and biological based food
    and supply more non-animal food and reduce count of future animals producing CO2. More nature will be created this way also meaning more oxygen and nutritions to breath for humans.
  4. More selfsustaining energy.
    More selfsustaining energy, water turbines, windmills, sun panels in the Sahara Desert (enough room there for a big farm) just to mention one possible position. And who says we can’t insert water turbines in the ocean if the fans are big enough to rotate by the stream provided by the oceans. A safe solution should be possible even so the inhabitants of the oceans won’t get stressed too much (vibration and sound smog).
  5. Make oil by burrying biological waste (red. dead animals).
    Make oil by burrying biological waste (like: dead animals) in chambers under the ground or even on-top of the surface in containers, submitting vitamins and biological aging fluids and/or salt. A syntethic process of producing normal oil by reproducing the process from the planet earth when producing oil. I’m sure a refinery can filter the unnecessary stuff out before use again.
  6. Send up satellites.
    Send up satellites – detectors on both sides into earth and out into the universe building a large space telescope. Remember to include explosives in case a metheorite is approaching earth. It will be grabbed by the satellite shield and crushed before even touching the earth.
  7. Use fiberoptical wire around.
    Use fiberoptical wire around vulcans to measure movement and eruptions. Even webcams. Technology should already be ready to use. (Did the wire break and where, laser/light movement sensors).

As all know the earth (all-time opponent so far) it would be good to see some simulations displaying a new ice age/term with +3c degrees temperature change provided by humans. Could be people out to make politics and an ice age/term approaching with the preparations just as the last ice age/term but who doesn’t want a more green planet, crowd-control.

Then we could just look at and it’s all jelly again ;-)

Another topic.

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