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Thursday, 23 May 2019 06:33

Silent night

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Hi again. Been busy for a while. I've been nursing a bit and it seems to work out pretty good. I will try to post some statistics later on. Traffic is increasing slowly while new videos are being posted on a regular basis. Took the design to a higher level and it looks slightly more cool now in my opinion. You may give it a look and give some input as a comment if you like. Also I'm working on a new linking strategy so if you go through some of my domains it just shows as it is present now. I know some of you like statistics and images with graphs and fancy stuff. Well to be honest I do too but they are hard to get. It seems my site gets banned temporary some of the time on Cloudflare because of my site's traffic level, as part of the DDOS protection. This eventually put a nail in the coffen to Cloudflare and I'm not testing them anymore with this tube site. I still use them for other less visited sites though. Yesterday I maxed out the output of my server harddrives with 148MB/sec at the peak (109164 hits in one day) which is supposed to be the maximum transfer rate of a RAID0 2xSATA harddrive. It slowed down the site a bit. As part of this I've decided to upgrade my solution with 2 new SSD drives instead and place them in RAID0 - this is supposed to be the fastest solution available besides other really expensive custom storage solutions. The geeks among you are probably trying to tell me "SATA does transfer 600MB/sec on each channel" - I am aware of that but I'm trying to keep within the limitations of my webhost's language and standard disk drives with SATA connection do only transfer a maximum of upto 74MB/sec per disk while a SSD disk is capable of transferring upto 600MB/sec per disk :) I don't even know why storage specialized companies like Samsung or Western Digital aren't producing any double SSD solutions - double the height and add a RAID0 controller module embedded into the disk. It would give a speed increase of 100% on each disk. 1200MB/sec per disk. As like a M2 module disk. Might be a price issue or maybe the techies are taking a nap? ;)

As some of you know, I also play online games on a regular basis. Sometimes it's a Steam game CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) and at other times it's the MMORPG called Lineage2 (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) on the official Naia EU server. I have an orc there called FastBuffer which is a Iss Hierophant (combined buffer and healer). Used her as a buff-pet in earlier days. Have a few other toons too but I take it that FastBuffer is the most well-known among my characters. Trigger and Qwest being some of the first and oldest characters. I've been playing since the Open Beta and never really left again. That must be since the year 2003. I've met many friendly people along the road while some played as enemy a bit of the time. My number one rule in any game, is: Don't judge the person behind the screen for what their toon is doing, they may be living out their dream being an evil character in the game while if you met them out-of-game (IRL) he or she might be the most nice and chilled person you'll ever get to know. Made a screenshot for you to look at and attached it to this post. The EXP stats is after a small casual grind at my usual spot near Aden city on Naia. Hope you like it :)