Corona, Covid-19 informations. Important!

These informations are not official and are written with personal interest and from experience. From the start there have been different perspectives to see this outbreak from. First the authorities who try to cure the public and the public who try to hold against from being social for not spreading the virus even more by following guidelines from the authorities and then the healthcare system that are in place to test the public to identify the path of Covid-19 and where its going. Last but not least the medical science that are trying to solve a mystery about how to prevent people from being affected by finding a vaccine and cure. There have been several options to try investigate about where its origin started. Lets put these known to show you how many there are until now:

  • 1. Corona is from the surface of the sun. Its a part of the sun that gets spit out on heavy outbursts when explosions on the surface of the sun occur. This creates dust and matter that travels through space and eventually hits the earth after a while and could lead to health problems due to its poison nature and radiation.
  • 2. Food poison. Simply from infected bats or other food ingredients prepared and eaten by people.
  • 3. Altitude sickness. Thin air containing high levels of CO2 would lead to health issues and heavy breathing for older people to be affected by the maximum due to low resistance.
  • 4. High level of CO2 in the air that creates a thin soup of all people to share and breath and through forest fires, low concentration of clean air – would lead to health problems for people, animals and nature in general.
  • 5. Bad hygiene. This would lead to mutations of virus infecting people and animals and would appear spreading by social contact and be mostly appearing after social contact like travels.
  • 6. Radiation sickness. From inside the earth we receive ground radiation on the surface and being human affecting us to be exposed by this unhealthy issue.
  • 7. Vitamin. Exposed to not clean and unhealthy circumstances people exposed to infected vitamins get infected by Covid-19, Corona. Lack of vitamin can as well make you sick because it hinders your insulin production and make you suffer from diabetes at after a while. Protein is a vitamin which lacks when being vegan.
  • 8. Crypt disease. A mushroom released into air likely infecting people creates health issues and is highly deadly.
  • 9. A high concentration of religious people. Mythical plagues.
  • 10. Nature cleaning out by releasing new health problem to release itself from being eradicated.
  • 11. Corona the beer has been consumed and infected people with health issues and exposed them to Covid-19, Corona infection.
  • 12. Authorities testing their warning systems to be ready for a real outbreak. Real world simulation.
  • 13. The perspective it could be comprehended as fake news by people who hasn’t been infected or compromised at or their peers, friends, family or co-workers!
  • 14. Poor people who have no money for food that leads to Hunger that is a disease.
  • 15. Some mad scientist who was treated bad in school invented Covid-19 to get his revenge.
  • 16. Applesauce.

There are probably more to look out for but these were to name the few possible reasons from what has been to appear most logical. There are no intentions to spread rumors or conspiracy theories but are thought as possible hooks to investigate by authorities and medical science to find a vaccine quick.

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