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For a long time, I've been working on getting kimsmovies.com up & running again. Seems like the result this far fits my requirements after long hours of configuration tweak, updates, and getting the necessary technical backend work like it's supposed. I understand that many rely on getting a simple solution like WordPress and WP-Script running since it's just a matter of minutes before you have a working tube running fairly simple. However, I still think perfection needs time and the right system. Kimsmovies.com is running on Debian 9, NGINX, php7.0-fpm using socket, MariaDB, and various video encoders for FFmpeg (libavcodec57) and Yamdi for metadata, Joomla! CMS and premium component HWD MediaShare including premium addons, Protostar template, and Jumi for custom code. You can give it a test run if you'd like by visiting kimsmovies.com clicking here.

Google seems to have picked up the latest update and looks as it is supposed to. This is pretty rare since a revisit and update could take a long time, updates in an index or Search Engine (SE) are what some developers are waiting for when creating websites and performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

DNS (Domain Name System) is set up with custom servers mastered by Namecheap as registrar, DDoS (Denial of Service) protection is performed by SoYouStart / OVH.

To be able to earn money with your solution you need to be part of an Affiliate Network which could be AWEmpire (Sign Up) or somewhere else.

Have fun! Enjoy.

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Kim Jacobsen, Mal-Jun

Hi! My name is Kim Jacobsen, currently 39years old. I've been online since April 1994 when the internet was released to the public being from the military restricted network before. My main interest is creating solutions. Websites being the thing I spend the most time on creating. I have experience with programming as well, tweaking existing code, and optimizing designs on websites around the internet. Affiliate marketing has been an income for many years for me and me being good at it I made a substantial amount of money over time spending time online. PHP, Perl, CGI, HTML, CSS3 being my favorite languages of code. Key data storage is also a well-known experience. SEO is also interesting. Mathematic too and Graphics Design, UI (User Interface), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Autoizations of digital entities. Apple, eBay, PayPal, Bitcoin, Gold, Titanium, Amazon, DNA, Diamant, ElNino. Astronomy.

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