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Friday, 02 April 2021 11:26

Welcome! New site launched...

Even the backup. After a lot of troubles with getting everything done with my small network of sites, I finally had the chance to get a decent dedicated server for low cost at the OVH datacenter. Close to the internet exchange and close to Google's rack for lower ping time. Thanks for all the support so far with the blog. Unfortunately, I lost the backup of Adepca.Com means I need to start from scratch again. Seems I'm a bit unlucky with storage even USB sticks. I hope you will follow the new journey towards a great-looking and working website here at Adepca.Com. I will add content on the fly while thinking of new posts being quiet at some times. I know waiting time can be a pain but I'll try to get a steady flow of content posted as time ticks by. Also been getting a new keyboard so typing is a great feeling now enjoying finding the tempting words and give you something to read while being on topic.

The currently running network of porn sites is still online but it has shrunk to just a few ones. Here's the list.


Feel free to visit them and take a look at what I've used to present a good feeling for visitors while staying on my websites. Please keep in mind that the designs are far from done and the content regularly gets updated as time goes by.

Some music to relax to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax-Q6sXqgdc&list=RDAx-Q6sXqgdc&start_radio=1

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