WordPress 5.5.3 Full-Install including clean basic MySQL database file




The database file contain no user data of any pre-registered members.
The database is 100% clean of any user input, plugins and themes.
The WordPress 5.5.3 release hosted on Adepca.Com contains no plugins, content or user informations.

The WordPress files are being downloaded as Latest Release repository from source core developer.

Check https://wordpress.org for release/version number.

root@server# cd /tmp
root@server# wget https://adepca.com/downloads/wordpress.zip
root@server# apt-get install unzip


root@server# apt install unzip
root@server# unzip /tmp/wordpress.zip

If you need to move the files to an online internet directory you can use this command.
This requires the files to be stored in the folder /tmp/wordpress already.

root@server# cp -r /tmp/wordpress/* /var/www/yourdomain.com/web

To import the WordPress database file you can enter the following command in your SSH remote command shell:

root@server# mysql -u username -p databasename < database.sql

Adepca.Com has gathered some plugins for you to add via the plugins webmanager or by uploading the unpacked zip container to your webhosting directory.

root@server# cd /var/www/yourdomain.com/web/wp-content/plugins
root@server# wget https://adepca.com/downloads/wp-plugins-pack_1.zip
root@server# unzip wp-plugins-pack_1.zip

The database link will be displayed after purchase.

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