Thursday, 14 March 2019 03:00

Quit DNS move on

Settled for a final solution. Instead of having to host the DNS myself, I'm going to use Namecheap´s DNS setup and get the traffic flow that way around. It also is more easy on the server and features DDoS attack protection aswell.  A record for is @ 51.77.1XX.2XX, CNAME and a mail IP ( It should be sufficient to keep everything running for that site. All the feeders are still running and more has been added. Did some traffic flow interventions as well on existing sites to conform with the new site as a new member of the family. Redirecting 404 traffic to now as well from some sites. Funny thing is that when mingling with the DNS it sometimes makes a burp and throws in another site of mine, as if it´s all floating in the air working together with references. Kind of funny. Cache maybe? Also discovered it with emails that if an email is catched from a site that does not have email setup, it forwards the email to the known owners primary email address. Crrrazy place this internet ;-) Oh well.. final music before bedtime:

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Monday, 11 March 2019 21:08

Been spending a bit of time.

I've been spending some time on Midnight12 with setting up DNS and getting everything ready to make the site possible. Perfect setup. One should figure that a tube is supposed to be uploaded to - but I stumbled into a problem considering upload and Cloudflare. They have a filesize limit for uploads making it impossible for me to keep using them because it's simply to small. 100MB (500MB with an Enterprise solution) doesn't even cover 5mins of video means I need to supply myself with DNS server. Good thing is that the server i purchased from OVH comes with everything: DNS, WWW, FTP, MySQL and all bells and whistles which basically means I can move from Cloudflare onto my own premises. Let's see how the site works when it has moved. I kinda got to like their statistics, but I have my own as well :-) I also finally tweaked Apache2, MySQL and PHP so the settings should be perfect for hosting a large amount of visitors daily. The problem occured while I was trying to upload larger videos, I simply could not understand why the server kept disconnecting/refusing connection after a few moments of uploading. I finally found the culprit and uploads work again.

Cloudflare maximum upload size:
Cloudflare filesize limit

Here's two videos for you to enjoy too! : and

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Tuesday, 05 March 2019 09:48

SEO work

I had some time to play around with midnight12 and did some SEO. I did some reciprocal links, means A<->B links. This seems to work.
Here are the statistics from the last 24h on Cloudflare.



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Saturday, 02 March 2019 11:51

More statistics from GLOVM.COM

It seems my site is catching up some traffic from the Search Engines. Here are the new numbers from Cloudflare and Urchin 6.


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Saturday, 02 March 2019 11:38

Added New Sites

I just activated the domain and uploaded an old backup I had from a prior site. It seems Cloudflare works good for statistics as well, so I might just use them for all my projects. Right now I have the following domains running live:


This should be enough for now. Will try to add feeder sites to the mix.


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Thursday, 28 February 2019 13:47

More webcam sites!

I have been around for quiet a long time, my first internet was connected back in 1996. I made a private website for my HAMradio interest (OZ8KIM). Later on I made a school project, Cracked some pay-tv codes for Viasat and Canal Digital supplying Multimac and Nordic files for people who wanted to watch pirate-tv. The site had 80K visitors per day. It ended with me getting hands on a Management key throwing it into public. Made first class grades with that site (13 in Information Technology on a scale from 00 till 13, thats as good as it gets without breaking the scale). I've had numerous sites of either one thing or the other. was the largest site by far. 625K visitors on the frontpage per day. I also posted galleries to sites like TheHun and other Gallery Post sites, around 20 of them. The gallery server ran with peak traffic of 1.6M visitors per day coming from all kinds of sites, feeding my main sites by sending people over via advertisements on the galleries. Today people post videos on tubes to do the same job. All in all a total of 2.475.000 daily visitors were running through this network of sites that I managed back then. Right now I do utilize some WhiteLabels from LiveDiamant being a site mostly with Blonde white girls and Streaming Pleasure more of a mix of everything. These sites do not get alot of traffic because I haven't done any SEO work for them. I'm building a small network of sites trying to grab traffic from here and there. I have 25 .com domains just waiting to be spent on webcam related material. Today I'm focusing on and I even managed to purchase today too. Later on I will start with link building and getting the sites more structured. I do have some ideas on how to send traffic uphill, in the middle of everything it really does seem a bit confusing. This will get better with time :-)

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Thursday, 28 February 2019 00:44

Cloudflare CDN

I moved CDN (Content Delivery Network) to Cloudflare for my site to test them out a bit. It seems Cloudflare works better than the one my hosting provider is serving.
Here are the stats from the last 24h on Cloudflare. Seems OK to me :)

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Wednesday, 27 February 2019 22:33

Working on a small project

I've been working on a small project to learn more about how to tweak a site into receiving as much organic website traffic from Search Engines as possible.
The website address is . It features thousands of reviews/profiles from various providers within the adult webcam industry.

At first I thought it would be a good idea to buy some hosting. I found a hosting provider who had some nice packages to choose from and they are not all too expensive, it even comes with CDN (Content Delivery Network) which means they will port content out to satellite servers closer to the visitors reducing load times for visitors. The whole setup was purchased for around 175Euro and lasts 1 year. However I did extend the time with one year extra means it will not die off before 2021.
I installed Wordpress 1-click which basically means that it updates Wordpress automatically without needing me to interfer. I gathered a few plugins and a theme that works perfectly with the content the site is distributing. After a few days I noticed traffic coming in. There haven't been many sales yet and I will tweak the site more into a salespitch rather than just serving as a ressource.

Right now the website receives 3.8K visitors per day on average. I do hope this will get better with time - all traffic now is type-ins and organic Search Engine traffic coming from Yandex, Google, Bing and Baidu, etc.

In a not so far future from now, I'm going to purchase a Dedicated server with a handfull of IP's as this is a must since shared hosting accounts tend to fail with this type of website. This also enables me to do a bit more SEO work on the side resulting in more visitors to the website. It will also help on loading times. Here you can see a graph from my Urchin 6 log stats :)

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