YouTube Guide for marketing purposes

As some already know YouTube is a great place to publish your media if you want attention quickly.

With an audience of around 20% of all internet traffic separate. That is close to 300M viewers every day on their platform alone.
The largest error some experience is to publish a media to the cloud and not think about the future around the media and then hope for best results.
There are few basic things to know about YouTube.
The YouTube cloud contains more than 56M videos of which users agree to publish on with the required documentation upon request. This creates a niche of people of which trust is build partly by feeling safe, attention upon their person, peers or media. If you want secure storage for your video there is also privacy options to achieve that.

All the most played videos do share some things in common. Scenery, Language, Genre and Popularity. To reflect these each media *MUST* show a thumbnail (small sample image auto-generated or supplied from the uploaders) to show people what is waiting for the viewers after they click the thumbnail. It is VERY important that this is a good image/photo of a general scenery that explains the media best. The quality *MUST be highest* as this is the first impression everyone gets of your media. If it shows a bad image or rather simple image of a mathematical equation related to something else you will result your media to get less views than if you have an image/photo/thumbnail of a great looking performer or actress(es) invite you for more time together.

If you think about markets and about YouTube’s background the most popular videos are to be find throughout the latin markets. European next and then American/US and last Asian. This reflects a natural wave around the internet like water within our oceans. Human behaviour. This is just how things are even in nature. This means if you target an audience in Europe a good place to start would be South America. And for Asian the American/US market would to be preferred. You could also count timezones as a minor factor. 

If you do fail to understand these advanced parts of the internet you will be struggling a wall all the time by spreading your media randomly back and forth taking longer time to accrue success than else.

Remember to have a good thumbnail for your video, the next part is getting good content. Most people produce their own content for YouTube. The go into studio with peers and make recording and next a music video is tailored for social media to go viral. Some places they do provide content in hidden areas but they are really rare, private collection. Private collection reflects a media that has been bought through time provided too a video and then make it public on YouTube. There are many options for success on YouTube. Some even use the platform for SEO purposes for their own network of sites to gain link popularity (weight) within their network of sites.

Categories are also important to select a few or alot that suits the video uploaded. The more the merrier so to speak. But keep on topic. There are plenty to choose from.

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