Friday, 01 March 2019 13:18

Updated Adepca

Updated the images (statistics) a bit. Scroll further down the page to watch the screenshots.

Thursday, 28 February 2019 13:47

More webcam sites!

I have been around for quiet a long time, my first internet was connected back in 1996. I made a private website for my HAMradio interest (OZ8KIM). Later on I made a school project, Cracked some pay-tv codes for Viasat and Canal Digital supplying Multimac and Nordic files for people who wanted to watch pirate-tv. The site had 80K visitors per day. It ended with me getting hands on a Management key throwing it into public. Made first class grades with that site (13 in Information Technology on a scale from 00 till 13, thats as good as it gets without breaking the scale). I've had numerous sites of either one thing or the other. was the largest site by far. 625K visitors on the frontpage per day. I also posted galleries to sites like TheHun and other Gallery Post sites, around 20 of them. The gallery server ran with peak traffic of 1.6M visitors per day coming from all kinds of sites, feeding my main sites by sending people over via advertisements on the galleries. Today people post videos on tubes to do the same job. All in all a total of 2.475.000 daily visitors were running through this network of sites that I managed back then. Right now I do utilize some WhiteLabels from LiveDiamant being a site mostly with Blonde white girls and Streaming Pleasure more of a mix of everything. These sites do not get alot of traffic because I haven't done any SEO work for them. I'm building a small network of sites trying to grab traffic from here and there. I have 25 .com domains just waiting to be spent on webcam related material. Today I'm focusing on and I even managed to purchase today too. Later on I will start with link building and getting the sites more structured. I do have some ideas on how to send traffic uphill, in the middle of everything it really does seem a bit confusing. This will get better with time :-)

Thursday, 28 February 2019 09:23

Plugins for WordPress

Everyone likes plugins. Some of them add really nice features. I collected a few plugins over time. I packed a few and made a plugins pack for you if you are interested in websites yourself. Try to download the file and see if there's something for you in the zip container.

Download here! 65 plugins (54.97 MB) for WordPress. Remember to update them once installed.

VirusTotal reported 0 virus.

You can find more plugins here.

If you are more into themes, you can try to browse this ressource.

Thursday, 28 February 2019 00:44

Cloudflare CDN

I moved CDN (Content Delivery Network) to Cloudflare for my site to test them out a bit. It seems Cloudflare works better than the one my hosting provider is serving.
Here are the stats from the last 24h on Cloudflare. Seems OK to me :)

Wednesday, 27 February 2019 22:33

Working on a small project

I've been working on a small project to learn more about how to tweak a site into receiving as much organic website traffic from Search Engines as possible.
The website address is . It features thousands of reviews/profiles from various providers within the adult webcam industry.

At first I thought it would be a good idea to buy some hosting. I found a hosting provider who had some nice packages to choose from and they are not all too expensive, it even comes with CDN (Content Delivery Network) which means they will port content out to satellite servers closer to the visitors reducing load times for visitors. The whole setup was purchased for around 175Euro and lasts 1 year. However I did extend the time with one year extra means it will not die off before 2021.
I installed Wordpress 1-click which basically means that it updates Wordpress automatically without needing me to interfer. I gathered a few plugins and a theme that works perfectly with the content the site is distributing. After a few days I noticed traffic coming in. There haven't been many sales yet and I will tweak the site more into a salespitch rather than just serving as a ressource.

Right now the website receives 3.8K visitors per day on average. I do hope this will get better with time - all traffic now is type-ins and organic Search Engine traffic coming from Yandex, Google, Bing and Baidu, etc.

In a not so far future from now, I'm going to purchase a Dedicated server with a handfull of IP's as this is a must since shared hosting accounts tend to fail with this type of website. This also enables me to do a bit more SEO work on the side resulting in more visitors to the website. It will also help on loading times. Here you can see a graph from my Urchin 6 log stats :)

Saturday, 23 February 2019 09:42

Editing your DNS built-in Windows

If you're looking for a solution how-to restrict your kids from using certain sites on the internet, here's a solution to that.
You don't need to buy any fancy software packages to do this job. It only takes few minutes and is really simple.


Insert lines according to this scheme:

You will run into privilege problems when saving the hosts file. Therefor copy the hosts file (copy+paste) onto your desktop and move it back into the folder again when you have done your editing.

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